seed circle

Welcome to our seed saving and sharing circles which have been running since 2010. This site only covers seeds swapped from 2017. However previous years circles can be seen on www.seedsavers.org. Our group is based on the internet and made up from members of Allotments 4 All forum.

I’d like to thank Real Seeds, as they focused the ideas for starting these groups. It really is amazing what a few people can achieve and share in a year and I’d encourage anyone to join our group, become a member of a similar group or set one up.

Whilst saving seeds may seem daunting at first, especially when terms like isolation, cross pollination and hybrids gets thrown around. It can actually be quite simple with just a little bit of knowledge and planning. The other great thing about seed circles is that you are with like minded gardeners who are usually brilliant at offering advice and support if you let them. To help you further there are some great online guides such as Real Seeds  and Garden Organic.


Happy Growing!